Blog Brain Tumor: A Brief Guide

Brain Tumor: A Brief Guide

What is Brain tumor?

A new growth inside the brain is called a brain tumor. It may arise from brain itself, its cavities or its coverings, the skull bone and blood vessels.

Types of Brain Tumors:

There are two types of brain tumors: cancerous and non cancerous.

Are Brain tumors treatable?

Mostly brain tumors are treatable using one or more modalities available. The location of the tumor and its type along with age and condition of the patient will determine the risk and benefits of a particular treatment (Biotech pharmacy).

Are brain tumor curable?

The benign brain tumor are curable. It will not recur if treated adequately.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain tumor:

Following are the usual symptoms:

 Headache: usually starts in the morning, followed by vomiting and nausea.
 Fits/Seizures: unprovoked abnormal movement of a part or full body with or without loss of consciousness.
 Weakness : in one arm or a leg of one side of the body.
 Loss of vision
 Difficulty in swallowing

Treatment options available for Brain Tumor:
Surgery is the main treatment for brain tumor, as most of them present due to pressure effect on adjoining areas which leads to headache, seizures or weakness.

Drug therapy for controlling seizures and brain swelling has to be given to most patients for a variable length of time.

Is surgery useful and safe?

Surgery remains the main treatment for brain tumors. For benign tumors, no further treatment is required.
For cancerous tumors, surgery combines with radiotherapy provides the best results. But the safety of surgery is dependent on location of the tumor and condition of the patient.

When should the surgery be done?

As soon as after the detection of the tumor to maximize the recovery.