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*Remember Cervical Cancer is curable if detected in early stages

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You are at RISK of Cervical Cancer if:

  • Have persistent vaginal discharge
  • Have abnormal vaginal bleeding like inter menstrual bleeding/ post coital bleeding/ post menopausal bleeding
  • Got married at young age
  • Have history of multiple partners
  • Had multiple abortions
  • Had pregnancy at young age
  • Ever had an abnormal PAP smear
  • Have history of smoking
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About Action Cancer Hospital

Action Cancer Hospital offers world-class comprehensive treatments in the following departments Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Uro Oncology, G.I. Surgery, Gynae Oncology, Pediatric Hematology, Pathology Oncology, and Nuclear Medicine.
The hospital is situated in New Delhi - the heart of India and has a state of the art infrastructure. It is spread over 2.5 acres of land with 1.25 lac square feet of centrally air-conditioned built-up area.

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  • Cervical cancer is preventable
  • Vaccine against cervical cancer can be given to girls and young women
  • Regular PAP smear and HPV testing can prevent cervical cancer
  • Pre cancer stage and early stage cancer cervix is treated by surgery
  • Treatment in early stages is curative in 90% cases
  • Advanced stages are treated by radiation and chemotherapy
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Best Cervical Cancer Treatment for Patients Across India

There is no need to fear from cancer. Under the experts' supervision "Know Cancer, No Cancer" - that is our mantra.

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Our Cervical Cancer Treatment Services

There is no need to fear from cancer. Under the experts' supervision "Know Cancer, No Cancer" - that is our mantra.

Medical Oncology

state of the art chemotherapy daycare centre which is well equipped to deliver chemotherapy including targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Surgical Oncology

our surgical oncology team offers the best expertise with the capability of doing Cervical conservation and reconstruction surgery.

Radiation Oncology

this department is having two latest linear accelerators to treat the Cervical cancer patient with precision

Onco Pathology

Department of onco Pathology is equipped with the world class latest equipments with FDA approved tests to ensure fastest TAT at all times. Department plays a very crucial role in providing accurate and timely diagnosis for the cancer patients which helpful in deciding best cancer treatment therapies.

Genetic Testing Facility

We have the genetic testing facility to know the risk of hereditary breast cancer and other tumor genetic mutations which helps to plan further cancer treatment. This is a very helpful tool for cancer patients to get benefit from precision medicine.

Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear medicine is equipped with a state-of-the-art PET CT and dual head Gamma camera. A dual-head Gamma camera is used for the whole body and SPECT imaging.
It detects the disease at the functional level. PET. CT imaging brings molecular imaging for disease detection. it has revolutionized the oncology practice in recent times.

Rooms Facility

During your stay with us you will have a choice of selecting from our range of Deluxe ,private and semi-private rooms, all catering to your utmost comfort. Our patient rooms and encourage healing, provide modern conveniences and give patients a quiet respite.

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Cervical Cancer Survivor Video Stories

*Don't ignore your symptoms. Delaying your diagnosis will upstage your disease.

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Survivor Stories

When I was diagnosed with cervix cancer, I felt like my world is shattered. Then I came to Action Cancer Hospital and met Dr Shruti Bhatia ,who has not only treated me but gave me strength to fight this disease. I rigorously followed her advice and got my self operated and today after 8 years I am doing fine and disease free. I go for regular check ups at Action Cancer Hospital and thank them for their constant support.


I have been visiting this hospital for the last 3 years when the operation of my wife was done. With every visit I find the improvement in all areas. I choose this hospital because doctors don’t frighten you of cancer but help you a lot in overcoming your fear. The team of Dr. Rajesh Jain is very prompt in diagnosing and operations with minimum time.

D.N. Chabra

No doubt the Action Cancer Hospital is well reputed hospital. The doctors are well behaved and well conversant with their job. Their performance is excellent.

Raj Singh

Hospital’s Doctor and nursing staff is good and doctors check very nicely. Hospital environment is good as compared to other hospitals. This hospital is an example in itself. We are very happy with the work of sister Neeraj Malik.

Janak Kapoor

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Our Medical Services & facilities

There is no need to fear from cancer. Under the experts' supervision "Know Cancer, No Cancer" - that is our mantra.

Ambulance Services

In an emergency such as accident trauma, stroke, cardiac arrest, the first and foremost priority is to reach the concerned patient in the least time possible.

Support Services

OPD And Support Service: General and Private OPD by renowned consultants in all the disciplines. Having cancer is hard and going through it can be an involved and complicated process. It affects the person with cancer and each family member. So we have all the support services it needs in form of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation to overcome the morbidity of treatment, diet services to provide adequate nutrition and counselling for better understanding of disease.

Laboratory & Services

The Department of Laboratory Services: The department of Laboratory Services plays a crucial role in supporting patient care by providing accurate and timely diagnosis which in turn has tremendous therapeutic implications.

Blood Bank

Action Cancer Hospital has state-of-the-art blood bank services to aid patients in elective and emergency situations.

Know Cancer, No Cancer
- Our Mantra -

If you are diagnosed with cancer don't worry we will try our level best to write your Survivor Story

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