Support Services

OPD and Support Services: General and Private OPD by renowned consultants in all the disciplines

Accident and Emergency: We provide 24 hour emergency services, which are supported by an air conditioned Cardiac Ambulance

Kitchen: The main cause of spreading of infections is through food and beverages. Action Cancer Hospital has a specialized kitchen area where food is prepared adhering to dietary and cleanliness standards by expert chefs. Every individual has different nutrition needs, and our chefs always make sure that food is provided as per those needs to the patients for a speedy recovery. Hospital kitchen is designed to maintain high levels of hygiene with different temperature zones. Each and every equipments, trolleys or utensils are of stainless steel for greater cleanliness

Parking: The hospital has a spacious parking area and a waiting hall for visitors with access to lift and staircase from outside the building.Other key features include:

  • Cafeteria and reception counter for patient
  • Health status round the clock
  • Internet facility in rooms
  • TV cable services
  • CCTV monitored security
  • Laundry
  • Generators for uninterrupted power supply

We provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services all under one roof:

  • 16 Slice PET CT
  • Dual Gamma Camera
  • Latest MRI 1.5 Tesla MAGNETOM AVANTO featuring total imaging matrix TIM which permits seamless whole body anatomical coverage without patient repositioning
  • CT 64 SLICE with all latest features
  • AXIOM ICONOS remote controlled Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Mammograph
  • Compound Radiography CR System and Color Doppler
  • Ultra-sonography
  • Hologic Bone Densitometer DXA for detection of osteoporosis, thinning of bones
  • Dedicated mammography for early detection of breast cancer
  • Hematology & Clinical pathology
  • Blood cell count is done with top of the line hematology analyzer
  • Reflectance photometer is employed for evaluation of urine test and for semen analysis

Four channel coagulometer is used for full range of blood clotting assays.

Clinical Biochemistry: A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer is used for reliability of all biochemical tests including enzymes, proteins and component fractions

Microbiology Laboratory: Has a complete system for blood and sterile body fluid culture with facility of culture for tuberculosis bacteria in the same assembly, Mini API system for identification of drug sensitivity

Immunoassay Laboratory : Houses tumor markers & drug levels, Elisa reader along with programmable Elisa plate washer for coverage of full range of immunoassays, fully automated analyzer for hormones and infections markers

Histopathology and Cytopathology: Uses automatic tissue processor with microprocessor control unit for biopsy and surgical tissue examination. Rapid reporting & early diagnosis of cancer is done with the help of well equipped Cyto and Histo-pathology sections