Doctors at Action Cancer Hospital remove a 7kg ovarian tumor

Action Cancer Hospital has been established with a mission to provide world class affordable health care facilities to all sections of the society with a humanitarian touch, whilst maintaining high standards of ethical practices and professional competency with emphasis on training and education leading to research.

After thorough examination which included upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy and tumor makers, the doctors detected that Prabha Devi had a large abdominal mass which was approximately 20 cm in size. She was operated upon by the team of Gynae-Oncologists at Action Cancer Hospital, headed by Dr. S. K. Das (Senior Consultant, Gynae Oncology). During the 4 hours surgery, 27 cm ovarian tumor was removed.

On frozen section, the mass was diagnosed to be cancer. Dr. S. K. Das said, “Due to the frozen section facility available at our hospital, a complete cytoreductive surgery for ovarian carcinoma was done along with the repair of anterior abdominal wall hernia in the same sitting. In the absence of such a facility, a second surgery would have been required.”

Prabha Devi had an uneventful post operative period and is on the path to recovery. “By God’s grace, I am perfectly fine now. The care and the support of the doctors and the staff here are helping me to recover fast,” she said.

Male breast cancer patient finally relieved of his pain

Male breast cancer is increasingly affecting males in India day by day. People tend to think that breast cancer can only affect females. But, it’s only a myth. Both males and females are equally prone to this dreaded disease. Mr. Anil Sahni (name changed), a retired government officer, learned this the hard way.

He initially observed a swelling in his right armpit. He and his family did not suspect that the swelling might be a symptom of breast cancer as he could not find any lump on the breast. In Mr. Sahni’s case lack of awareness led to neglect for some time. However, when the swelling persisted, he decided to consult a doctor and visited Action Cancer Hospital for a check-up. The doctors at the hospital conducted a thorough clinical examination and mammography which revealed that he was suffering from breast cancer which had spreaded to the armpit.

As part of the treatment, a 2-hour long surgery was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Jain (Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology, Action Cancer Hospital) and his team of doctors. The surgical procedure involved Radical Mastectomy wherein Mr. Sahni’s entire breast, the underlying muscles and the lymph nodes of the axilla were removed. Mr. Sahni is now fine and has been discharged from the hospital. He has to visit the hospital for his chemotherapy treatment.

According to Dr. Jain, “Luckily, Mr. Sahni visited Action Cancer Hospital before it was too late and the doctors were successful in removing the cancer. Many people do not realize the fact that men also have breast tissue and thus they can develop breast cancer too. Moreover, breast cancer spreads locally faster in men than in women due to anatomy and, hence, can be more fatal for them. It is very necessary that an early diagnosis is made so that the disease can be treated timely. Thus, a proper awareness regarding this cancer should be made so that a doctor is consulted immediately in case any changes are observed.”