Gynae Oncology

Department of Gynae Oncology

The department of Gynecology Oncology deals with female genital cancers. The department provides both preventive and curative treatments for cancers of uterus, cervix, ovary, vulva & vagina and Gestational tumors. Special emphasis is given to preventive measures so that cancers can be detected and treated in pre-cancer or early stage.

Highly experienced team of doctors provide comprehensive care of gynecological cancers which includes both radical and ultra- radical surgical treatment, medical management and radiotherapy. Each case is discussed in tumor board before final planning of treatment. Facilities for terminal care of patients are available with all supportive modalities.

Cancer Prevention Clinic: Routine health check-up can prevent cancer in 80% of women. Physical examination and screening tests can detect abnormalities in pre- cancer stage and if treated properly, cancer can be prevented.

Screening for cancer cervix is done by , PAP test and HPV DNA test. Latest Liquid Based cytology and Hybrid Capture II technique are available for detection of pre cancerous lesions of cervix and HPV infection and early invasive cancers.

Colposcopy is the examination of cervix under magnification and bright light illumination. With use of acetic acid and/or iodine, abnormality becomes prominent and accurate biopsy can be taken. This test is indicated whenever VIA or PAP test is positive or if patient is having post- coital / inter-menstrual/ post menopausal bleeding. It is a simple and inexpensive test done on out-patient basis for early detection of cancer of cervix.

Cryotherapy is an ablative procedure, done on OPD basis, for treatment of non malignant and pre cancerous lesions of cervix. The superficial layer of epithelium is frozen using Nitrous oxide/ CO2 with help of a cryoprobe.

Conization is removal of piece of cervix in shape of a cone ,with the help of electrocautery ( LEEP). The procedure is simple, done on OPD basis and is both therapeutic and diagnostic in pre cancer stage of cervix.

Radical surgery (Wertheim’s hysterectomy) for Cancer cervix stage I and II is done using advanced technology and electrosurgical instruments.

Fertility sparing surgery is available for early stage cancer cervix patients desiring to preserve their fertility.

Radiotherapy is done for advanced stage cancer cervix using latest radiation techniques including IGRT, IMRT, SRT and 3DCRT and brachytherapy.

Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy facilities for diagnosis of endometrial and ovarian cancers.

Radical surgeries either open or laparoscopic for endometrial carcinoma along with post operative radiotherapy including EBRT and ICRT

Radical surgeries for carcinoma ovary and chemotherapy in post operative periods

Neo-adjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy for cancers of cervix , ovary and uterus using latest protocols

Hormonal therapy and Immuno therapy

Colposcopic evaluation of vulval and vaginal lesions

Radio Frequency and Cryo Ablation of Vulval warts

Facilities for simple and radical vulva and vaginal surgeries

Hysterectomies (Abdominal/ Vaginal/ Non descent vaginal) for benign lesions like Fibroids, Endometriosis, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Endometrial hyperplasia

Abdominal and Vaginal surgery for utero-vaginal Prolapse like Manchester repair, sling and mesh procedures ( TOT, TVT, Prolift etc.)

Colposcopy Workshop for training doctors in cytology, colposcopy and advanced procedures

CME on gynecologic oncology

Cancer awareness programes for general public and health check-up camps