Support Services

OPD And Support Service: General and Private OPD by renowned consultants in all the disciplines

Accident and Emergency: We provide 24 hour emergency services, which are supported by an air conditioned Cardiac Ambulance

Kitchen: The main cause of spreading of infections is through food and beverages. Action Cancer Hospital has a specialized kitchen area where food is prepared adhering to dietary and cleanliness standards by expert chefs. Every individual has different nutrition needs, and our chefs always make sure that food is provided as per those needs to the patients for a speedy recovery. Hospital kitchen is designed to maintain high levels of hygiene with different temperature zones. Each and every equipments, trolleys or utensils are of stainless steel for greater cleanliness

Parking: The hospital has a spacious parking area and a waiting hall for visitors with access to lift and staircase from outside the building.Other key features include: