Nuclear Medicine & PET.CT

Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET.CT

Nuclear Medicine or Department of radio-isotope imaging is equipped with state of art PET.CT and Dual head Gamma Camera by GE. Dual head gamma camera is used for whole body and SPECT imaging. It is used to detect the disease at the functional level. The functional changes always precede the structural changes and therefore, the isotope imaging helps in detecting the disease much earlier than it manifest itself with structural changes to be detected with USG or CT imaging. The imaging is used for wide array of diseases involving almost every organ system of body. Bone Scan has been the main stay for bone metastases detection for a long time. Stress myocardial perfusion imaging is used for assessment of ischemia in cardiac patients and also for assessing treatment benefit in known coronary heart disease patients.

PET.CT imaging brings the molecular imaging for disease detection. It has revolutionized the oncology practice in recent times and it finds use at every stage of management of oncology patients from diagnosis to future follow up. It helps in deciding the mode of treatment to be used for patients by accurately staging the disease in the body. Besides, PET study also helps in assessing treatment response during the chemotherapy.PET also finds its use in cardiology and neurology cases. PET.CT can help in early detection of dementias and can help in preventing unnecessary bypass surgeries in heart patients by detecting the viable myocardium.